Last night we attended a wedding and danced ourselves silly. It was a fantastic night and I don’t regret it, but. The problem with fantastic nights? Sometimes they can be followed by days of soreness! At this point, everything hurts. There’s soreness all over my body, even my neck. To which I ask, who knew dancing too much could stiffen the neck?

It’s all in good timing though, when you consider the post we put up just yesterday on ayurvedic self-massage. It’s important that we all know how to relax and soothe ourselves, especially when the only two alternatives are unnecessary medications or a pricey massage.

Massage is a wonderful, all-natural way to smooth out the knots you might be feeling all over after a bout of extreme activity. It’s up to you, though, t decide how you want to go about it. For less intense pain and soreness, by all means try the ayurvedic self-massage techniques described in yesterday’s post. But if you’re experiencing pain with every move? It might be worth it to invest in having a professional take on the task of ayurvedic massage.

To help with your decision, Mudita Institute addresses some frequently asked questions about ayurvedic massage:

Ayurvedic Massage – Abhyanga – All About Ayurvedic Massage

Have you ever tried a massage carried out by a trained professional? If so, you’re bound to know more than most of us about how the experience stacks up against self-massage or asking a friend to rub your back. Do you consider ayurvedic massage to be worth the investment in a scheduled appointment, or would you recommend doing the best you can with self-massage? Whatever your thoughts, we’d love to hear them in the comments’ section.