With most supplements, it’s pretty easy to keep track of what you need more of and what you’re managing fine through diet alone. Vitamin D, for example, is particularly straight-forward. If you’re feeling under the weather and haven’t had as much sun exposure lately as you’re accustomed to, vitamin D supplements might be a good idea.

Vitamin B12, however, is another story. Vitamin B12 deficiencies occur most often in vegans, but they’re also known to occur in meat-eaters as well. A deficiency doesn’t come along with short-term effects, so there are no tell-tale signs of a problem until it has gone on for so long that it is far out of hand and beyond reversal.

In order to prevent such a deficiency, and the lower energy levels and heart disease that come along with it, you may want to consider taking B12 supplements. Here’s what Elwin Robinson┬áhas to say about them:

The Benefits of Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Have you ever tried taking B12 supplements? Or have you ever struggled through a B12 deficiency? Whatever your story, we’d love to hear it in the comments’ section.