Ever thought of meditating, but couldn’t get around the weird feeling that it just wasn’t for you? For a long time, that’s what jogging was—health crazies and overly committed dieters might jog, but not you. Of course that’s changed, with millions of people recognizing the health benefits of daily exercise in recent decades. Maybe meditation will be the next big idea to stick, too.

First off, forget everything you think you know about it. Meditation doesn’t have to be about catch-phrases and cliches. You don’t have to “find yourself” or “seek inner peace”. If you want to be practical about it, you can see meditation for what it is: a tool for building a healthier life.

Before you commit yourself to the task of learning to meditate, you might want to learn how exactly meditation is meant to help. For more information on the way regular meditation benefits your body and your brain, here’s a video by Big Think:

Dan Harris: Hack Your Brain’s Default Mode with Meditation

And if your primary concern right now isn’t your mental or physical health, but your emotional well-being? Meditation can help there, too. There’s growing evidence to show that happiness isn’t something that we’re dealt in life via our circumstances of birth, but that it’s a skill we can self-generate. With tools like meditation, we can train ourselves to focus on our surroundings and zone in on what matters to us, leading to happier, healthier lives.