Review of The Disease Delusion - Conquering the Causes of Chronic Illness
Important Subject95%
Authoritative Sources87%
Interesting Writing100%
Challenges The Mainstream100%
Specific Advice65%
Positive Aspects
  • Bland really knows the field
  • Takes you on a shocking journey
  • Lots of totally new information
What could have been better
  • More specific dietary advice
  • More specific prescriptions for healing
89%Overall Score

Somewhere between Shamanic healing rituals in the Brazilian rain forest and hard-core prescription drugs from Big Pharma is a middle way, where hard cold science and natural remedies meet.

disease delusion book coverDr. Jeffrey Bland, in his new book The Disease Delusion, has found that middle way.

A biochemist and nutrional medicin guru, Bland was a founder of Bastyr University, the first accredited university in the United States with degrees in natural medicine.  Dr. Bland has authored more than 120 peer-reviewd studies and six books.

His latest, The Disease Delusion, takes us on an enlightening and shocking journey of medical discovery.

Consider this tidbit:

Most prescription drugs work on less than half the people who take them.

Bland describes the human body as a holistic system, one that requires personalized care in order to function fully.  He organizes this system according to seven processes,

  • assimilation and elimination
  • detoxification
  • defense
  • cellular communications
  • cellular transport
  • energy
  • structure

Dr Bland covers each process in a separate chapter.

Bland also provides a list of questions to help with self diagnosis.

Overall, this is an outstanding book.

I learned a lot from this book.

Where it falls down is that Dr. Bland is shy to give specific suggestions and treatment regimes.

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