Review Of Dr. Mercola's Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
No side effects100%
No prescription drugs100%
Easy to follow85%
Proven with 100's of clients100%
Positive considerations
  • A revised and updated drug-free RA protocol based on a pioneering rheumatoid arthritis treatment tends to provide a 60-90 percent improvement rate in most RA sufferers
  • Important aspects of the treatment protocol include dietary modifications, low-dose Naltrexone, optimizing your vitamin D levels, astaxanthin, probiotics (preferably in the form of fermented foods), and getting regular exercise
Negative considerations
  • None!
96%Overall Score

This treatment regime for Rheumatiod Arthritis gets our highest rating.

Just watch the video below as Dr. Mercola gives you everything you need to have the most successful outcome possible.  Dr. Mercola reports that 80% of the patients on the regime get better, and 5% continue to get worse.


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