Quinoa is a protein-rich grain, high in fiber, iron, potassium, and vitamin B2. It can help with bloating and weight loss, and is known to many as an all-around supergrain.

Most people only eat quinoa in salads and a few known standard dishes, and that can get boring quickly. There are actually plenty of ways to prepare and enjoy quinoa, and the recipes and dishes just happen to be lesser known. To jazz up your next dose of quinoa, we have Fit Sugar‘s list of unexpected quinoa dishes:

7 Unexpected Ways to Use Quinoa

1. Puffed or Popped:

One of the more surprising ways to eat quinoa is to puff up the healthy grain — much like popcorn — which gives it a nuttier flavor. Once it is popped and prepared, you can eat it like a snack or use it to make breakfast bars like these no-bake cinnamon-raisin granola bars.

You can even buy quinoa prepopped, then top your favorite dishes with the protein-rich puffs.

2. Granola Substitute:

If you want to shake up your granola game, then try swapping out standard oats for your favorite type of quinoa. A nutty and sweet granola recipe with the grain is high in iron and cholesterol free.

3. Quinoa Sushi:

Quinoa is the perfect texture to substitute for rice in any recipe but especially in a sushi roll. If you’re craving sushi but want to steer clear of starches and carbs, simply swap in this supergrain to make vegetarian California rolls.

4. In a Smoothie:

A lot of smoothie recipes call for the addition of protein powder to ramp up the drink, but if you mix in quinoa, you can skip the powder and still get this important nutrient. Blending the cooked grain in to smoothies can also give them a subtle nutty flavor that balances out any sweet fruit the smoothie contains.

For blending raw quinoa, you’ll need a higher-powered blender, but it’s easily mixed in if you cook it up first.

Don’t forget that there are plenty more where those came from. Head over to Fit Sugar for the complete post, and let us know which exciting new dish sounds the most interesting to you.