Nothing makes us lose our minds quite like pain does. If you’re having vision problems, it’s easy to choose a natural remedy over laser eye surgery. If you’re over- or underweight, most of us know that the key is to eat healthy, balanced meals—not to turn to “miracle pills” with secret ingredients.

In general, “secret” is not something you want to be putting into your body. You also might not want ingredients that you’re unfamiliar with, as there is often a simpler solution to be found in natural remedies. There are many ailments which absolutely depend on prescription medication, and you should always refer to a medical professional before making your decision. That said, pain relief is most often treatable by natural remedies.

It can be hard to follow through, though, as people want what they perceive to be the most powerful painkiller in their moment of discomfort. What they don’t know, however, is that sometimes the most powerful option is also the healthiest. So put down those over-the-counter painkillers, and have a look at some natural herbs brought to our attention by Women’s Fitness Tips:

3 Natural Herbs for Pain Relief

What do you think about all this? Have you experimented with natural painkillers in the past, or have you mostly been relying on commercial drugs? Remember, they may be more expensive and more commonly-found, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most effective or the best thing for your body. Do yourself a favor and shop around the natural world for a bit.