Beauty Masque is derived from third level Australian peat, which means that over the past 24,000 years, organic matter (reeds, grasses, etc.) have been turned into a black mud.

The first level is the rotting organic matter (when dried is used for fuel). The second level is the more compressed state which is used as garden peat which holds all the nutrients that go back into making the soil rich. It holds moisture, and makes clay soil break up and attract earthworms.

The third level down is the almost solid mud which has accumulated as water and nutrients filter down from the top levels. It retains a mild form of fulvic and humic acid, which when the liquid is processed by us, using triple filtering then sterilizing, the end result is comparable to or better than the best natural mud packs from around the world.

We have given this product to over 100 women (and a few men) to date, with the proviso that we are offering no guarantees as to the results, or if the product would be suitable for their skin type. We have advised them that our close friends have used it with great results, and that other peat bog products from around the world sell in the region of $75 for a small jar. No person has refused the product, and every single person has been delighted with the results. Many have advised us that they are more than willing to pay the amount suggested, should we make this into a commercial venture.

Comments include “My skin glows”. “Friends and colleagues say I look younger”. “I look refreshed and revitalized”. “I feel great afterwards”. And so the comments continue.

There is a noticeable tightening of the skin and wrinkles diminish. Blackheads are removed also (in most cases).

For the first time user, we recommend a 15 minute treatment. Many people tell us that they leave it on for up to an hour. If this is the case, then washing off becomes a little harder as the mud has set hard by this time.

Beauty-Masque is currently provided as a liquid, the consistency of toothpaste.