A couple of days ago, we looked at a study that found arthritis pain to be far more manageable in a group that regularly practiced mindfulness meditation. We talked about what good news that was, as it’s always nice to see natural remedies backed up by scientific research. Mindfulness is a particularly helpful healing technique in that it works not only in the treatment of chronic pain but also as a means of relaxing the mind. With our schedules as busy as they are, even those without arthritis will probably find that they could use some peace of mind.

But where to start?

Mindfulness meditations are simple and easy to learn. You don’t have to attend a formal class, as there’s so much available on the internet. You can simply sit back, press play, and follow the directions on an internet video. The steps to mindfulness are simple and relaxing: for example, pay attention to your breathing, or relax into a comfortable position. Anyone can do it.

To get your own first dose of mindfulness, here’s a meditation┬áby Goalistics:

Five Minute Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Pain Management

How’d it go? Did you find it easy to relax, or do you think it might take practice to completely ignore the distractions of your to-do list? Whatever your experience, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section. Have a relaxing weekend!