Detox diets don’t have to be hard.

When you’re just starting out, the whole detoxifying world can sound pretty intimidating. On television and in magazines, you sometimes hear about crazy detoxes that can last for weeks and months on end, insisting that you live on nothing but juice. Not only does this image of detoxing leave much to be told, but it’s simply not good for you. The body suffers from extended periods of time without solid food, and a real detox is meant to improve health.

What do we mean by a real detox? A good, healthy detox is a diet that can help to clear your body of anything it doesn’t need: almost like setting the “reset” button on some unhealthy choices you might have made in recent weeks. A healthy detox doesn’t outlast its welcome (meaning it certainly shouldn’t last long enough to make you feel weak), and most importantly features recipes that nourish the body while helping it through the cleanse.

For just one example of a great detox recipe, here’s some beet, apple and mint juice brought to us by Everyday Food:

Detoxifying Beet, Apple and Mint Juice – Eat Clean with Shira Bocar

Detox recipes should all be like this. You can’t sustain yourself through a detox on water alone, so of course you’ll need to keep an eye out for recipes such as this one which have a lot more to offer in terms of nutrition. Though your detox period should never last long enough to cause harm (that’s hardly the point of it!), you should still make sure to supply yourself with healthy, all-natural sources of vitamins and nutrients.