When it comes to supplements, you can find more than you’d every possibly need in the pharmacy aisle of a grocery store. There are supplements for stronger nails, healthier skin, sharper eyes, easier digestion… You don’t have to be sick to take them, and it can feel great to take on a supplement and just imagine the “extra credit” points you’re gaining in health benefits.

Some supplements, however, are controversial. Vitamin D has been said to do a lot for the body, but its supplements don’t have the scientific back-up they’ll need in reliable studies. We don’t yet know what the exact recommended amount of daily vitamin D is, and so there are obvious problems with trying to guess what supplement would go beyond that amount. Finally, vitamin D supplements have been known to affect men and women differently.

Before you sign on for daily vitamin D supplements, try to educate yourself online or with a medical professional in order to decide if they are right for you. For starters, here’s one doctor’s thoughts on the matter at Cleveland Clinic:

Vitamin D Supplements

We’re so lucky to live in an a time in which we can protect and enrich our bodies even when they aren’t sick. Supplements allow us to work preemptively, shaping a healthier overall life instead of waiting to address ailments after the fact. There’s so much to be gained, and it only makes sense that we’d put careful thought into which supplements we choose to take advantage of.