Yesterday, we took a look at some of the many ways aloe vera can benefit your health. But seeing as to how popular aloe vera has become in recent years, you may be wondering: why bother?

It’s important to talk about aloe vera because at this point, most people are not using the plant for its full potential. Yes, aloe vera has a stellar reputation in the skin-care industry. It’s the first thing you reach for when it comes to any kind of burn, and you’ve probably grown to love the gentle, cooling sensation as it does its magic.

But have you ever considered eating it?

Aloe vera isn’t a fruit, and there isn’t much “meat” to it. It probably hasn’t occurred to many people that they should be taking a bite of it. But what if you were to take the gel of an aloe vera plant, and mix it with juices to create a delicious and healthy drink?

Aloe vera has a lot to offer, not just outside the body but also in We’re constantly building up toxins and bacteria in our intestines, which keeps our bodis from being able to take in the nutrients they need. If you regularly drink aloe vera, it’ll work as a sort of daily detox. In effect, drinking aloe vera juices can help prevent irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion ulcers, and more.

To learn more about how you can make aloe vera not only palatable but delicious, here are a couple juice recipes by Green Prophet:

4 Unique Aloe Vera Juice Recipes for Summer and Health

Recipe 3 – health

2 Carrots
2 Green apples
1 Orange, peeled
1 tbsp of aloe vera pulp

1. Cut the apples, carrots and orange into pieces
2. Blend them into a juice
3. Then add the aloe vera

Recipe 4 – exotic aloe vera
For something a little more exotic you can try this one.

1-2 cup Fresh pineapple
1 Carrot
1 Green apple
1 tbsp Aloe vera pulp
A few tbsp of coconut milk is optional

Basically blend all the ingredients together, adding the pulp of the aloe vera leaf. The coconut milk more than being a tasty addition, will actually increase the anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities of this drink.

Sound good? Make sure you pay a quick visit to Green Prophet, where you can find another two aloe vera juice recipes that are sure to be just as beneficial (not to mention delicious)

Have you ever tried drinking aloe vera juice before? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Share your own favorite recipes in the comments’ section!