Essential oils have been on the receiving end of a lot of love and attention lately, and it’s no wonder. They’re a safe, natural ingredient for many personal care products, household cleaning products, and home remedies. That, and they smell fantastic!

If you’re interested in bringing some essential oils into your daily life, look no further than this article by Wellness Mama. She’s had years of experience trying out different oils for her own household needs, and she’s narrowed down her daily routine to include five essential oils:

5 Essential Oils that I Use Daily

1. Lemon Essential Oil

We use lemon and other citrus essential oils aromatically by diffusing them in to the air. I also add 10-15 drops of lemon or orange essential oil to all of my homemade cleaning products for a fresh and clean smell without the chemicals.

Lemon has natural antibacterial, antiviral and antihistimine properties and it is great for dabbing on insect bites or in salves used on wounds. I also often add lemon or sweet orange essential oil to our homemade shampoo since the scent is energizing and there is some evidence that lemon can stimulate hair growth. I add lemon and orange to either my honey face wash or my oil cleansing blend for use at night.

We don’t use citrus essential oils for any homemade products that we will use on our skin during sun exposure as citrus can increase sun sensitivity.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils to diffuse as it is said to help increase mental clarity and is invigorating. I use it in my homemade remineralizing toothpaste and in homemade lotion recipes. It is also an ingredient in my homemade vapo-rub.

When I’m not pregnant, I use it on my feet for nausea or upset stomach and on my neck for headaches. It is an ingredient in our homemade bug spray and I also add peppermint and lavender to a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to help cool sunburns (though we don’t usually get those anymore since adjusting our diet).

3. Lavender Essential Oil

I absolutely love the scent of lavender essential oil and diffuse it as an air freshener. It is said to help digestion, support skin health, stimulate hair growth, help mitigate the effects of stress and more.

I sometimes add a drop of lavender and lemon to bug bites or burns to cool the sting and use it with peppermint to calm a headache or sunburn. Lavender essential oils is also an ingredient in many of my homemade beauty products.

To read about two more of Wellness Mama’s favorite essential oils, be sure to check out the original article here. There are so many different ways to make use of these fragrant essential oils, and we’d love to hear about some of your favorites.

Do you use essential oils? What are some ways you’ve incorporate them into your daily life?